Eid Holiday Celebration in the Maldives

Since 1153, the Maldives has been an Islamic country. Two of the most important festivals of this paradise island country would be the Islamic equivalent of Christmas known as the Eid Holidays: Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan – the holy month of fasting, Eid al-Adha celebrates the Hajj pilgrimage to the Mecca. Islamic nations all over the world celebrate Eid in their own way but recently there has been a surge of Muslim families who prefer to travel to different countries in celebration of this festival – a new tradition that is making quite a difference.

Some have chosen the Maldives since it is also a Muslim country to be their holiday destination of choice. The resorts have events and festivities dedicated to the holiday which makes for good entertainment and also educates the guests on the importance of the festival. Aside from staying at the resorts, guests can also partake of the numerous festivities in other islands especially in Male, the city of Maldives. There are western and modern music shows, along with annual parades from brass bands, cadets of schools, and the National Security Service that are annually looked forward to by locals and travellers. The traditional game of baibala is also played during Eid in the spirit of reviving old traditions.

It is the best time to experience a local island visit because people are in a festive mood, they are dressed in their best clothes – mostly traditional clothing and garbs which are colorful and intricate. You will feel the celebration in the air and the focus is on generosity and hospitality in Islam. So if you have not planned anything yet during the Eid Holidays, bring your family to the best tropical paradise on earth and experience Eid like never before at your resort or a visit in Male.

Speaking of resorts, properties generally have offers and discounts to attract guests to stay at their islands. Some of the best offers would be discounted room rates, meal plan upgrades, or discounted transportation. There are resorts that offer 35% discount on their Beach Studio with Pool if you stay 4 nights or more. Some properties would let you experience the best of both worlds where you can stay 2 nights on a beachfront villa and 2 nights on an InOcean Pool Villa. Then there are also resorts that give 25% off on their private Beach Villa rates.

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